Coca-Cola makes a massive change to its Coke and Fanta bottles – but fans are divided

Coca-Cola makes a massive change to its Coke and Fanta bottles – but fans are divided

Coca-Cola fans have been shocked after noticing a change to their favourite fizzy drink bottles.

Keen Coke consumers have been expressing their frustration at a new design that was revealed on social media.

It might not have been noticed by everyone, but Coca-Cola has started rolling out new caps on its bottles across Britain.

The caps are connected to 1.5L and 500ml bottles – and they don’t pop off when you open the drink.

The change can also be spotted on Fanta, Sprite and Dr Pepper bottles.

The change is an attempt by the company to ensure all parts of their recyclable bottles end up in the recycling bin.

It’s an attempt to make it easier for people to ditch their drinks once they’re finished – but Coke drinkers on Twitter aren’t persuaded.

One wrote: “Not gonna lie. That new attached cap design is annoying.”

A second moaned that the cap “gets in the way when you drink it” and another called it the “worst idea ever”.

“Still needs work on getting it to stay out of the way whilst pouring/drinking and doesn’t mean I recycle more as always did,” another chimed in.

Others didn’t even realise there was a new design, and have been snapping lids off regardless.

One person said: “Genuinely thought I’d bought a couple of defectively moulded caps of late on the 2l bottles.

And another said: “Been cutting them off. Surely you screw back on once finished though right?”

Yet others acknowledged that the change was “for the planet”.

One woman said: “I get the point but they’re bl***y annoying LOL But I’ll make the sacrifice for the planet.”

Coca-Cola began rolling out the cap change in May, and thinks the switch will be completed on all plastic bottles by early 2024.

Jon Woods, general manager at Coca‑Cola Great Britain, said: “This is a small change that we hope will have a big impact, ensuring that when consumers recycle our bottles, no cap gets left behind.”

The supermarket brand Lidl has also announced it will be altering packaging to be more environmentally aware.

The budget brand is getting rid of the current packaging on milk tops in exchange for clear plastic lids, which can be recycled more easily.

The upmarket Waitrose also got rid of its red, blue and green milk caps over the summer.

But when Quality Street introduced new eco-friendly wrappers, fans were furious, as it means the selection box goodies will not be covered in vegetable-based wax instead of the iconic shiny foil.